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Sleep Scrunchy

Sleep Scrunchy

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The sleep scrunchie is an innovative product for much healthier hair and a much easiest everyday life.
Just use it for a night or refresh your hair while you are working with a computer or making lunch for yourself.

Please be aware that this is a handmade product that is made from pure silk and is quite delicate! It’s important that you use item correctly. Please TWIST the silk arch before you secure it with scrunchie. Make the silk arch as small as possible before you use the scrunchie‼️

When you are ready, just took out the silk sleep scrunchie and you will get beautiful and light curls.
100 % hand made
100 % natural silk

1. brush your hair
2. Gather your hair in a ponytail
3. loop your hair through the silk arch
4. wrap your hair around the silk arch (you can split your hairs into many sections or leave just one ponytail)
5. Use the scrunchie and secure hair.

Material: Foam
Feature 1: hair band coiler sleep no heat curling iron
Feature 2: large intestine hair ring
Feature 3: no trace portable rods rollers
Feature 4: For women roller
Feature 5: Heatless Hair Curls
Feature 6: Hairdressing Tools
Feature 7: Wave Formers
Feature 8: DIY Hair Styling Tool

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