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Water purifying bottle

Water purifying bottle

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Not Your Ordinary Water Bottle

Drink your hydrogen-rich, purified water by filling and powering up the HydroPure. Our premium HydroPure is quick and simple to use with one tap of the button!
The HydroPure is a practical water bottle that infuses your drinking water with higher levels of hydrogen. It provides you with various health benefits like decreased inflammation, increased energy, and quick recovery after activities.

Key Benefits
Quality Build -Ā The HydroPure is made with durable borosilicate glass that is non-toxic and safe to use. It comes with a stainless steel top and bottom that seal tightly and will not spill.

Functional Design -Ā Having a built-in filter gives you better quality water to drink. All you have to do is tap one button to power up the HydroPure and enjoy your hydrogen-rich water.

Portable DeviceĀ -Ā The HydroPure is compact and easy to carry around your home, gym, or office. Keep it with you always to get quick access to hydrogen-rich water!

Rechargeable Battery -Ā No need to worry about running out of battery since the HydroPure can be used for a lengthy period before the battery runs out. It uses a USB cable to charge, which is compatible with most plugs and outlets.

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